Longyou East Anasac: Implementation of highest standards to supply high quality formulations to global customers

Founded in 1999, Zhejiang Longyou East Anasac Crop Science Co., Ltd. (Longyou East Anasac) is a pesticide manufacturer, located within Zhejiang Quzhou Longyou Economic Development Zone, a provincial-level chemical industrial park in China. Based on mergers, restructuring, adjustment of product structure and capacity expansion over recent years, the company’s market share has increased year-by-year. While striving to expand its international and domestic markets, Longyou East Anasac has invested heavily in independent research and innovation, making remarkable achievements and building up a unique technical advantage. Several days ago, a journalist from AgroPages walked into the workshops of Longyou East Anasac to speak with Mr. Gong Guohua (Deputy General Manager of the Company).

Can you please briefly introduce the evolution, development and main businesses of Longyou East Anasac?

Zhejiang Longyou East Anasac Crop Science Co., Ltd. is located within the Longyou Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, and is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and Zhejiang’s provincial R&D center. Our company specializes in the R&D, production and marketing of novel and green pesticide formulations. Currently, our product portfolio comprises efficient, low-toxic and low-residue pesticide formulations from three series covering over 20 varieties. Since restructuring in 2008, our company has rapidly developed and is growing daily, supported by a group of competent technical and management personnel who specialize in pesticide R&D, plant protection, production and quality assurance.

Longyou East Anasac is accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Can you please explain the producing capacity and major areas of trade of Longyou East Anasac?

We can produce SC, EC, SL, WP and WG. The annual producing capacity is around 50000 tons. Hydrogen cyanamide is our core product, with the annual producing capacity 30000 tons. We are the biggest exporter of Hydrogen cyanamide in China and rank first in domestic market share. So far, around 90% of our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.

How does Longyou East Anasac control cross-contamination during formulation processing?

Firstly, technical materials are strictly controlled at source to prevent the contamination of incoming materials. Our main suppliers of materials are big factories such as Nutrichem, Wynca, Jinfanda, Jingbo Agrochem, Zhejiang Zhongshan and so on.

Secondly, we strictly implemented a standardized cleaning process and will continue production only after the cleaning water is tested. Our concentration of cross-contaminants is controlled to below 10ppm, very rare among domestic manufacturers, while the association standard for insecticides and fungicides is below 500ppm, and for herbicides is below 100ppm.

Environmental protection prevails over business development. So how does Longyou East Anasac treat waste water, waste gas and waste solid?

Our company’s plant utilizes advanced production processes, techniques and equipment. The discharge of water is designed under the principles of “separation of clean water from sewage” and “separation of storm water from sewage,” where storm water is discharged through the storm water pipeline, while resulting wastewater is discharged into the sewer network of the industrial park after pretreatment in line with requirements, and then transferred to the Longyou County Sewage Plant for discharge after treatment.

Concerning the treatment of waste gas, in terms of VOCs, particle matter and odor, various measures have been taken according to the different processes of each workshop. There are mainly two methods, which are plasma water spraying to treat waste gas and water spraying after bag dust removal. The emission height of waste gas is above 18 meters. Solid waste is delegated to the Juhua Group for treatment for incineration. Currently, we are investing more in further upgrading our pollution control facilities.

What technical safeguards are in place for processing formulations?

To achieve the satisfactory product performance of wettable powder and suspension concentrate, we conducted a full study and chose a variety of adjuvants and defoamers, enabling us to meet the technical indicators that many other companies would not achieve. For example, while the suspension concentrate of wettable powder is controlled at above 90%, its lasting foamability under heat is maintained at below 10ml while the usual acceptable level in China is below 50ml. The smaller foaming volume can significantly reduce cost of pesticide application, helping avoid pesticide damages. Our product quality has been widely recognized by customers at both home and abroad. For the production of suspension concentrate, the use of the three-stage tandem type sand mill enables the particle size to be controlled at 2 to 3 microns.

The particle size of pesticide suspension concentrate may also increase from 2 microns to 20 microns or even 40 microns after heat storage. The low melting point of products,, such as imidacloprid and cyhalothrin suspension concentrate, are suitable for creaming, agglomeration, precipitation and particle sizing growth, which are difficult issues facing formulation manufacturers. However, Longyou East Anasac can solve these problems through proper approaches.

What research results and patents have Longyou East Anasac achieved and completed?

Our company owns five patents, “A Tebuconazole Emulsion in Water,” “An Alternaria Activator Protein-based Yield Increase Method,” “Alternaria Activator Protein-Jinggangmycin Wettable Powder and Application,” “Purification of Cyanamide” and “A Solid Dispersion Matrix and Application.”

Within the industry, DMF (dimethylformamide) and decanamide are generally used as tebuconazole solvents, but in some countries, such as New Zealand, apple surfaces are prone to spots after pesticide application, which affects the quality of apples. Under the patent, “A Tebuconazole Emulsion in Water” owned by Longyou East Anasac, an environmentally-friendly fluorine-free and high-permeable solvent is available, and its use can solve this problem. The specific gravity of the solvent can be as high as over 1.0.

The invention patent, “Alternaria Activator Protein-Jinggangmycin Wettable Powder and Application” is a biostimulant and fungicide with dual action. The mixture product has a remarkable fungicidal and yield increase effect, while being safe and environmentally-friendly and requiring less amount for use. In general, the dosage of common aqueous solution for controlling sheath blight is 500g/mu (1/15 hectare), while the application of this product needs only 20g/mu.

What are the future prospects of Longyou East Anasac?

Based in China, our company serves the international markets. In line with the aim  of “Always responsible for the brand, Always make customers satisfied,” we will continue to supply high quality products, offer the best service, build the win-win partnership with all customers on the long term basis, and make due contribution to the world agricultural harvest.

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