Quality And Safety

Production Bases

LongYou Factory

Zhejiang Longyou East Anasac Crop Science Co., Ltd.

Constructed Area: 26,500 m²
Production Area: 16,000 m²
Office Building: 3,050 m²
Laboratories: 1,200 m²

Ji Tai Biotechnology

Ji Tai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Constructed Area: 12,000 m²
Production Area: 8,000 m²
Office Building: 3,000 m²
Laboratories: 200 m²

R&D Capabilities

The technology R & D and testing center of Pulan was established in March 2018, and continues to expand construction.  At present, there are 16 pieces of testing equipments worth more than 2 million yuan, and more than 500 square meters of laboratory rooms. At present, the testing center has 7 fixed laboratory personnel, including 2 personnel with intermediate title, 3 personnel with assistant title and below, meanwhile, it has 2 invention patents and more than 13 practical new patents.

 The main task of the testing center is product technology R & D testing and technology evaluation. The laboratory focuses on the R & D of pesticide preparations, the testing and evaluation of end products and related fields. The testing technology ability is at the leading level in the industry in China.